Our Strength

Newlife Powder Coatings' pledge of “excellence” and “delivering the best” propel us to continuously upgrading and improving our quality and services, expanding and growing to be one of the best in the industry by staying relevant and being at the forefront in the ever-changing world of innovation and technology.

Supported by our in-house Quality Control Department and based on our stringent quality control standard, we have earned the certifications as the authorised applicator for numerous renowned brands such as Jotun, Axalta, Akzo Nobel, PPG, Oxyplast and Kossan.

We are honoured to be ranked one of the Top 3 among all of Jotun’s approved applicators in Malaysia for 2 consecutive years.

Why Us?

Exceptional value for top quality finishes
We offer extremely competitive prices while maintaining our promise of top-quality finishes. Customers can rest assure they get more than they bargained for.
Our stringent in-house Quality Control ensures all finishes meet your specific requirements satisfactorily.
In-house Quality Control and highly professional services
Our stringent in-house Quality Control ensures all finishes meet your specific requirements satisfactorily.

You would be supported by a highly experienced and dynamic team, delivering top-quality customer service in a timely and professional manner from sales and marketing to technical support, ensuring a satisfactory experience in dealing with Newlife Powder Coatings.

Powder coating needs for different industries

Although we specialise in powder coating services for building materials, we do provide powder coating services for other industries such as automotive (car spring and absorber), furniture (both indoor and outdoor), display stands/units and many more.

Equipped with several fully automatic and high-performance machines, Newlife Powder Coatings is the only applicator in Malaysia capable of coating materials up to 12 meters in length.
Efficient in meeting the tightest deadline, higher production rate and better quality
Automatic machines are not just efficient with higher output, they also produce better quality and consistency with lower reject rates. With the advantage of having several machines running concurrently, Newlife Powder Coatings is capable of running many colours all at once, enabling faster speed for colour changes and reducing the process time to meet the tight deadline in our fast-paced environment.